Meet the team!

Keen to know who's running the show before committing to a class? Fair enough. Here's the long and short of it - we can't wait to meet you one day soon!


Tarnya is the fearless leader of The Woodwork Studio, and is the only one of us with the requisite woodworking skills to occupy the position.

If you’ve attended one of our classes, you’ll recognise Tarnya as the lovely lady up front, with a passion for all things timber.

Tarnya discovered a love for working with wood at an early age, and has channeled that love into various mediums over her life before discovering spoon carving just a few years ago. Her talent grew quickly and steadily, and now, here we are!

When she’s not hosting classes or creating products, Tarnya can usually be found tinkering away in her home studio, enjoying one of her 12 daily cups of tea (true fact).

Tarnya’s favourite part of her role at The Studio is watching people take the time out of their day to do something creative for themselves.


No one at The Woodwork Studio technically has a title, so for the purpose of his introduction, Kier has requested to go by Senior Vice President of Operations.

The only one of us who knows how to get results out of a spreadsheet, Kier is in charge of all the nitty gritty business-y type things, and for that, Tarnya and Lauren are grateful.

Outside of The Studio, Kier can be found devouring podcasts, cuddling his two cat-sons, and true to form, creating spreadsheets to organise every area of his life.

His favourite part of working at The Woodwork Studio is seeing his mum realise a dream and doing what she loves


I’m Lauren. I’m the person typing this blog post, just as I’ve typed all the other words you might find associated with our little business! More generally, I take care of marketing for The Woodwork Studio, but can also be found helping out in classes, taking promotional photos, running the website and answering emails!

When I’m not online for the Studio, I’m working full time, completing uni assignments or hanging out with my husband Kier and mother-in-law Tarnya.

My favourite part of building The Woodwork Studio brand is joining the amazing community of creatives in Geelong, and meeting people who aren’t afraid to try something new!


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