About Me

Tarnya Scott

Having lost my father when I was young, and my husband when my three children were under six years of age, I had to learn a lot of skills that were traditionally masculine. Rather than pay tradespeople to complete jobs I knew I could do myself, I took the leap and began applying and growing my skillset. After years of learning, studying, attending and teaching classes, I wanted to combine what I had learnt and create a way to pass it on.

I am passionate about empowering people to learn new skills and put those skills into practice to be able to live authentic, self sufficient lives. In our day-to-day world we are taught to believe that creating things ourselves is out of reach, and it is easier to purchase ready made and convenient items instead.


Thankfully the art of learning a new skill and creating one of a kind pieces is making its resurgence. People are turning back to skilled artisans and local producers to fill their homes with beauty and art.


I believe that everyone is capable of learning woodwork; I see it as an incredible blend of practical skills and creativity. When you begin the process of carving, you enter into a calm, mindful state while the rest of the world melts away. I love the feeling of coming out of that peaceful space, not only relaxed and centred, but holding a unique creation in my hands. I hope that you too can emerge from my classes proud of what you have achieved.


Thank you for taking the time to hear my story, I look forward to guiding you through the rewarding and beautiful process that is wood carving.